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E-Biosynov 250 tabletten

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E-Biosynov helps dogs to be more flexible in the joints.
E-Biosynov has a very beneficent effect on degenerated joints.
E-Biosynov makes muscles and tendons stronger.
E-Biosynov has strong anti-inflammatory action.
E-Biosynov does not affect digestion and/or the stomach.       

E-Biosynov has no antipyretic and/or analgesic effect.
E-Biosynov is supplied in tablets, jars of 100 or 250 tablets.


Analysis guarantee: Energy 1696 KJ/100 gr., Protein 9.9%,

Fat 14.6%Carbohydrates 58.1%, Water 6.4%, Fibers 15.9%,

Calcium 1.5%, Phosphor 1.8%.


DIRECTIONS: 1 tablet per 15 kg. body weight per day

(60 kg. is 4 tablets per day).

Pulverize tablets and mix in daily food ration.

It is recommended to increase doses in combination with heavy training and/or competitions.

At a later stage, the moment differing for each dog and problem, you can administer 1 tablet on alternate days.


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