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Biosynov Complex 50 x 40 gram

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Biosynov Complex 

Presentation:Dosepacked powder, scientifically formulated for maintaining strong joints in hard working horses

Indications:Feed additive for horses in hard training.

To provide nutrition to the synovial fluid in joint space and connective tissue.


* Rhizoma curcumae with very high content of the active  substance curcumin 

* Glucosamine provides natural nourishment to the cartilage 

* Contains no doping substances. 

* Concentrated formula - no fillers 

* Ingredients of premium grade 

* Contains the optimal formula for sounds joints 

Feeding Guide: Normal dose: 1 sachet (40gr) daily mixed with feed 

Special need: 1 sachet (40gr) morning and 1 sachet evening mixed with feed. 

Recommended for only the first time: First 2 weeks: 1 sachet in the morning and 1 sachet in the evening.  

Thereafter: see feeding guide.  

Note: Mix properly in moist feed such as sugarbeet feed moist wheat bran etc. This shuld be done in direct connection with feeding, otherwise Biosynov Complex can be destroyed in the stable enviroment. 

Added:         per kg              Per 40 gr 

Vitamine C   25 000 mg        1 000 mg 

Vitamine E   10 000 mg           400 mg 

Content: Rhizoma curcumae, Lecitin, Glucosamine HCI, Vitaminpremix, Dicalcium Phosphate, Silica Oxide. 

Product quantity: 50 x 40 gram 

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