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Master Muscle 30x15 gram

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Presentation: Dosepacked powder containing gamma-oryzanol, Lysine and Vitamin - E.


Indications:Feed additive for horses with difficulties to build muscles. Ideal for horses in training and young horses.



* Gamma-oryzanol is a pure natural substance from the oil of rice-bran.

* Extensive research has showed that gamma-oryzanol has first class    growth effect.

* Contains no doping substances.

* Contains the optimal level of E-vitamin for maximum effect of gamma-oryzanol.

* Very high content of the growth stimulating amino acid Lysine.


Feeding Guide:

Normal dose: 1 sachet (15g) daily mixed with feed.

Special need: 1 sachet (15g) morning and 1 sachet evening mixed with feed.


Note: As Master Muscle contains the optimal amount of E-vitamin to make the gammaoryzanol

be absorbed by the body system, make sure not to give other E-vitamin products in the same

feed as Master Muscle is given. Wait until next feed.


Added: per kg per 15 g Vitamin E 33500mg 500mg


Content: Amino-acid premix, sugar, vitamin premix, gamma-oryzanol.


Analysis: L-Lysin 533g/kg, gamma-oryzanol 66,7g/kg, Protein 43%, Fat Ashes


Product number: 1049: 30 sachets x 15 g = 450 g.



Big muscles - The natural way .

Gamma-oryzanol was discovered in oil of rice bran in 1954. It has been proved to be a novel growth-promoting substance. The very high content of premiumgrade Lysine in Master Muscle improves the bodybuilding effect of the product The optimum relation between gamma-oryzanol and E-vitamin in Master Muscle makes the product to a superior antioxidant i.e. it stops the free radicals to damage the muscletissue in connection with

hard work. Gamma-oryzanol has for many years been an appreciated additive for human athletes.

Since the eighties gamma-oryzanol products have been on the market for horses with great success in many countries.


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