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Zosfor 1 kg

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Natural powder with bioflavonoid and hesperidin out of the Citrus.

With natural vitamin K and C.

Zosfor is used for horses which are having a cold and are coughing or have been ill.

Horses which are coughing for a longer periode of time (pneumonia)

have a great help with this product. As well as horses with  problems in the longs.

It is necessary that these horses have a clean and fresh stable, they need a high quality hay which is almost without any dust. Otherwise it's recommended to put the hay in a net and put it in a bucket of water for a longer period of time. Dry the hay before feeding it to the horse. It's advisable to put the horse on shavings instead of straw.


Directions for use:                                                                            

For 10 days 4 scoops a day (horses),                                         

after this period: 2 scoops a day for ± 80 days.

Mix the powder with the food.     Ponies can have half the dosage.

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