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Hitargo 300 gram

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Presentation: Carbohydrate powder scientifically formulated for competition horses.


Indications: For effective storage of muscle energy (glycogen) before competition and recharging of energy after hard work or competition.


Indications: For effective storage of muscle energy (glycogen) before competition and recharging of energy after hard work or competition.



• Clinical studies prove the effect.

• >80% faster recharging of glycogen than ”ordinary”  arbohydrates.

• Hitargo gives > 30% longer working time during endurance work.

• Cost-effective - only to be feed in connection with competition and after hard work.

• Unique and patented - nothing works like Hitargo.


Feeding Guide:

Loading with glycogen before competition:

200 g Hitargo to be mixed according to instructions

below in feed 4 - 7 hours before the competition.

Reloading with glycogen after competition and hard

work: 100 g Hitargo mixed according to instructions

below in the first feed after the competition. If no glycogen loading has been done before the competition or hard training feed 100 g Hitargo in the two first feeds after the competition or training.

Instructions for use: Measure 0,5 - 1 lit. water in a

bucket. Add slowly 100 - 200 g Hitargo, whisking all the time.. Whisk to an even consistency. Wait for a few minutes before mixing in to the feed. Ready mixture should be consumed within 4 hours.


Note: For best result do not feed Hitargo together

with feed containing sugar such as molasses etc.


Content: Degraded fractionated starch with high molecular weight.


Product number: 1198: 300 g  1201: 16x300 g 


Difference between Hitargo and carbohydrates in other

energy loaders ('Boosters')

There are a lot of products marketed as energyloaders - energyboosters for competition horses.

The carbohydrates in these products are degraded starch. Normally declared as Maltodextrin, Glucose syrup and Dextrose. Sometimes these carbohydrates are called complex carbohydrates and glucose polymers.

Most products also contain sugar. (saccharose). The average molecular weight of Hitargo is more than 100 times higher compared to carbohydrates so far used in other energy products  for horses. Why is it interesting with higher molecular weight? Large starch molecules (high molecular weight) give low osmolality which in practice means that it gives a better ”pump” from the small intestine into the blood. Solutions with lower osmolality than blood are called hypotonic solutions.Hitargo gives an ultra-hypotonic solution! Clinical studies both in humans (Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, 1996-1997) and in horses (Copenhagen 1998) proves the effect of the carbohydrates in Hitargo compared to other carbohydrates. Peak performance demands effective storage of glycogen.

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