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Equi Calm 1 liter

€ 53,00 (inclusief btw 6%)


Equi-Calm is a brown syrup containing amongst other things vitamins B, L-tryptophane and magnesium.

This remedy is unique and, after a long period of testing, proved to be the best of its kind on the market.

The remedy does not contain any substances that will influence competition results. Equi-Calm is for horses

that get nervous at competitions or during training. The calming effect of vitamin B and Magnesium has been known for some time, however in combination with L-tryptophane, after having gone through a certain process, this remedy has a unique effect.


CONTENTS: per liter:    

Vitamin B1            3,000 mg

Vitamin B6            1,000 mg 

Vitamin B12              2.6 mg

Nicotine Acid         2,000 mg

L-Tryptophane      40,000 mg

Magnesium 2,000 mg in as high as possible substance.


DIRECTIONS: shake well before use.                                  

Horses 50 ml. mix in feed,                                                        

ponies 25 ml. mix in feed.            

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