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When you demand a little extra from your horse!


Product description: Salts with vitamins and glucose for competition horses. Sachet packed to ensure correct dosage and extended shelf-life.


Area of use: Preparation for competition, hard training, stress situations and for horses travelling long distances.



Booster which prepare your horse for the winner´s circle.

Especially made to meet the competition horse´s need for salts and vitamins during hard activity.

Helps prevent dehydration.

Helps provide energy and stamina.

Helps prevent stress.

Helps to speed recovery after hard work.

Contains high levels of antioxidants (Vit.C,Eand B6)which are especially important during increased muscular activity.

The highest quality ingredients.

Carefully tested during racing and show conditions.


Contents of 50 g sachet:

Sodium 5,8 g      Potassium 7g    Chloride 13 g    Vitamin D3 5 000 iu   Vitamin A 50 000 iu     Vitamin E 2 000 mg    Vitamin B1 1 000 mg  Vitamin B6 2 00 mg  Vitamin C 5 000 mg  Folic Acid 200 mg   Biotin 2 mg              Glucose+Vanillin to 50 g


Sizes available: Sachets 10 x 50 g, 25 x 50 g and 50 x 50 g.

Directions for use: Mix one sachet into the feed daily for two days before, and one in the first feed after an event or travelling. Allow free access to water.

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