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Muscle E 1.8 kg

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Presentation: Highly concentrated Vitamin E powder for horses


Indications: Nutritional supplement to use when the feed not gives enough

of Vitamin E e.g. in conection with hard work, cold weather,

feeding fresh oats or silage.



Premium grade rawmaterials

Very high content of Vitamin E.

Manufactured under laboratory control.

Manufactured in Sweden

Contains no selenium

Eclipse Biofarmab has been manufacturing quality products for horses since 1983.


Feeding Guide

In conection with hard work and competition:

1 scoop morning and evening.

When the daily feed is not supplying enough

of vitamin E: 1 scoop daily To be mixed in feed in direct connection to

feeding. 1 scoop = 22 g


Content per kg per 22 g: Vitamin E 50.000 mg 1100 mg

Product number: 1136: 350 g, 1137: 900 g  1138: 1,8 kg

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