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Bioflog 4 kg

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Product description:

herb-based hot poultice for horses. Increases blood circulation, thus hastenig healing ...


Area of use:

Treatment of injured joints, tendons, ligaments and sore backs. Reduces the risk of injuries during

hard training and competition by warming up the joints and tendons before the action.



* Excellent alternative for blistering, normally no skin injury or marks occur.

* Softens hard windgalls.

* Packed in plastic pails aith a tight-fitting lis.

* Complete directions on the pail.

* Ready to use, easy to apply.







Spread a thick layer       Afterwards lay plastic or paper on the

directly on the               clay and the cotton or absorbent cotton.           

injured area                                                             


Finish by bandaging. Let the clay work for 8-16 hours.

Treatment can be repeated daily.

For back treatment spread a thick layer Bioflog on the back, cover with plastic or paper. Cover with a warm blanket.


Content: Arnica tinkture, capsium, eucalyptus Oil, hamamelis Water, Glycerine, Sodium benzoate, Spring water, Mineral Clay base.


A hot Tradition.


Hot poultice has been traditionally been used for the care of joints, tendons and muscles in both human and horses.

To use Bioflog before hard work is an excellent complement to the physical warming up to minimise the  risk of getting injured.

On the contrary it is better to use a cold poultice, like Swede clay, directly after hard work and after the legs have cooled down, use the hot poultice.


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